The 21st Century Evangelicals Research Programme was a series of panel surveys carried out by the Evangelical Alliance between 2010 and 2016. I was the part time research manager for this work between 2011 and 2016 and responsible for most of the questionnaire design and data analysis. I was well supported by colleagues at the Alliance especially Dave Landrum, Lauren Sibuns, and Lucy Olofinajana. We set up a group of academic advisers who included Matthew Guest, Keith White, Sylvie Collins-Mayo, Mandy Robbins, and William Kay.

A series of popular reports based on the findings of different waves of the surveys were published by the Alliance and can be found and downloaded from this folder.

In 2015 I edited a volume of essays written by members of the academic advisory group and others entitled 21st Century Evangelicals Reflections on Research

The draft text of this is available here 

Since my retirement in 2016 I have continued to work on the data we have collected and to write articles for academic journals and other forms of publication online, and to offer presentations at occasional academic conferences and seminars.

My most recent papers from the programme

The Ordinary Theology of British Evangelicals : The Bebbington Quadrilateral and Beyond (October 2021)

 this is my final paper based on data from the Evangelical Alliance 21st Century Evangelicals Research Programme

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In THEOLOGY AND MINISTRY 7 (2021): 31–54 ISSN 2049-4513

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Trans-Atlantic Evangelicalism: Toxic, Fragmented or Redeemable? (2020)

Greg Smith

Papers in academic journals covering evangelicals and

  • social action,
  • health and prayers for healing
  • interfaith issues
  • Brexit
  • racism

can be accessed in this folder

                and most are referenced and linked to the online journals where they appear on my publications page

Papers which are under review will be added when they are published.

Several of my published book reviews on various topics around evangelicalism can be found on this page of the site.

Powerpoints from various conference and seminar presentations are available in this folder 

I have also released a number of working papers containing detailed data analysis and reflection on topics covered by the various panel surveys on my Primitive Ranter Blog site and which are also available in this folder.

All the data sets and questionnaires (also available here) from the 21st Century Evangelicals programme are available to academics and researchers for secondary analysis under normal license conditions at


 UK Data Archive University of Essex

SN 7786 - Twenty-First Century Evangelicals, 2010-2016: Special Licence Access

SN 7787 - Twenty-First Century Evangelicals, 2010-2016

And Finally... On a lighter note.

I am the very model of a modern evangelical.

With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

I am the very model of a modern evangelical .

My beliefs and practices may look pretty fundamental

Our worship band is loud though their praise songs are unsingable

I love the word of God but my reading's just occasional

on a smartphone Bible app that my gran finds too technological

My sense of church belonging's increasingly ecumenical

I tend to charismatic and definitely not denominational

I like small groups and all things that simply are relational

My prayers are JUST – a tiny bit liturgical

Outreach to unbelievers is mostly ALPHAbetical

My doctrine of atonement is becoming controversial

and my social justice action's making me look rather radical

around food banks, refugees and the crisis enviromental

though I don't need that with eschatology premillenial

but I often get confused now the world is multi-cultural

Our love's a hot potato when society's so sexual

though I hope Love wins and salvation's universal

though I fear that saying that will make me quite heretical

While the global church is growing at a speed that's just unmeasurable

and the minorities are bringing us fresh insights theological

while Americans are becoming idolatrously political

and embarrassing we Brits with their label “evangelical”

giving meanings to the E -word that sound like hypocritical

So maybe it is time to ditch the Bebbington quadrilateral

to seek to reinstate the GOOD news in our gospel.