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August 2023
Children, Religion and Social Capital: Bonding and Bridging in Multi-faith Urban Neighbourhoods by Greg Smith
Based on a research project I carried out 20 years ago

Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 33

New Vistas in the Study of Religious and Non-religious Belief

The Ordinary Theology of British Evangelicals : The Bebbington Quadrilateral and Beyond (October 2021)

 this is my final paper based on data from the Evangelical Alliance 21st Century Evangelicals Research Programme

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In THEOLOGY AND MINISTRY 7 (2021): 31–54 ISSN 2049-4513

© THE AUTHOR    This is an open access article distributed under a CC BY 4.0 licence

Trans-Atlantic Evangelicalism: Toxic, Fragmented or Redeemable? (2020)

also out today a review of Chris Wright's new book