Conference Papers and Presentations

Most of these powerpoints and many others can be accessed in this folder  

1) "Children's Social networks, gender and faith in multicultural schools" paper presented at conference of BSA Sociology of religion study group Lancaster April 2005 (power point presentation)

2) "We don't do social":Scripture and tradition as the basis for faith based social involvement:. Conference paper given at BSA Sociology of religion group, Oxford. April 2003 (a power point presentation available from the author)

3) Andri Soteri and Greg Smith (2002) "Mapping and Tracing: Directories and Databases of the Voluntary and Community Sector Is it worth it? " Paper presented at NCVO research Conference Nottingham University September 2002.

4) Faith in Local Politics: A Case Study From An Inner London Borough: presented at conference of BSA Sociology of religion study group Birmingham April 2002  (power point presentation)

5) Smith G. (2002): "The State and Faith : Involving Religious Organisations in the delivery of urban policy in England" conference paper presented at annual conference of British Association for the Study of Religion, Roehampton / Surrey University, September 10th -12th 2002.. (a power point presentation )

6) The Faith Sector ... part of the voluntary sector or a distinct sector in itself? (presented to Voluntary Sector Studies Network meeting in Manchester Nov 4th 2002 now published as Smith G. (2003). Faith in the Voluntary Sector : A common or distinctive experience of religious organisations? Manchester, Working Papers in Applied Social Research, Dept of Sociology: University of Manchester.

7) What is a Faith Community? Government Rhetoric and Local Reality... Presentation for BASR Conference Cambridge September 10-13th 2001 (powerpoint presentation)

8) "Spiritual Building Materials; Congregations in Newham and their Buildings" presented at conference of BSA Sociology of religion study group Oxford April 2001 (powerpoint presentation) .


9) SOCIAL NETWORK METHODOLGY IN THE REAL WORLD DRAFT OF a paper..given at Social Network Methods conferenceā€¦ University of Southampton July 1998 .

10) Mapping Religious Organisations in the Inner City: The East London Atlas Of Faiths Project. Based on a Paper by Greg Smith (with Mohammed Sagheer) Given at Religion and Locality Conference University of Leeds September 1998