This is a page of papers that didn't quite make it to publication in a book or journal... in some cases they are just not academically rigorous enough, or they dont just fit for a particular readership... but maybe they will be of interest to someone out there.

A presentation to the Manchester Chinese Christian Church 50th Anniversary conference April 30th 2016 ...

40 years in the wilderness? - Personal theological reflections on living with ethno-religious diversity 1975-2015.


Presented at Self and The City , Manchester
April 24th 2015

my review of the main influences in my own urban theology over the last 40 years

A Virtual Prayer Walk up Fishergate Hill  (2010)

powerpoint presentation

Prayer Guide (2 sides of A4 as Pdf file)

Theological paper: The Christ of Fishergate Hill by Greg Smith.. A contextual and Biblical Reflection

"Christian Living in a Plural Society" 1991 / unpublished
monograph or possible book chapter.