Greg's Presentation to BSA Socrel Conference : Durham April 2013

Once in every 20 years Preston Guild takes place... interpreted here not so much as a carnival but as a generational liminal ritual, through which a new generation of citizens, and organized groups, including churches, are intitated into the status of Proud Prestonian.  The paper also traces the development across the century of the material religious culture of the costumes, artefacts, floats and tableaux representing the important religious themes of the time.

Presentation to Socrel 2013

More of My photos of the Guild 2012

  • Churches Guild Procession
  • Community Procession
  • Trades Procession
  • Torchlight Procession

For more video footage of the Guild processions try (and there is more to search on Youtube)

2012 Churches Procession

Vintage Guild weekend

Opening Ceremony

Community Procession

the 1992 Guild

the 1972 Guild

1952 Guild