Bridge Builders Preston

Working for greater understanding and co-operation between the faith communities and local statutory agencies.

This project was

  • An inter-faith action research pilot project running for 12 months from March 2005 and funded by the MB Reckitt (formerly Christendom) Trust (£10k)
  • A partnership of various faith sector and statutory sector stakeholders linked with Preston’s Faith Forum who haveformed a local steering group to manage the project.
  • Administered through the Universityof East Londonwho employ our worker Greg Smith on a one day per week basis for this work.
  • Aiming to increase the capacity of religious organisations to engage as partners in urban regeneration and service provision in the community
  • Aiming to improve the “religious literacy” of publicservants and ensure they work with sensitivity, awareness and fairness with religious groups and individuals.


You can download papers from the project in pdf format by clicking on the icons below. 


Summary of Our Findings


Paper 1 Reflections on Policy Issues

for local authorities and others in the Statutory sector.


Paper 2 Theological reflections

for Christians working in Partnership




Quick Win Training


Case study scenarios


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