My first degree and my M.Phil was in Linguistics. Early (1970s) published and unpublished papers can be accessed here Subsequently from 1979-85 I worked at London University Institute of Education in the Linguistic Minorities Project and its successor projects. The archive of publications and other materials from this period are found here.


Starting in 1975 I spent 27 years living and working in the London Borough of Newham. I was involved in church linked community work and community based research with the Newham Community Renewal Programme, The Methodist Church and Aston Charities Community Involvement Unit. Most of my research and writing from this period and some from my colleagues can be accessed in this folder.  An album of old photos of religious buildings and signs is here.   A recently launched website brings together my work with that of Colin Marchant and more recent researchers.

Faith in Newham
......a marvellous resource for anyone interested in urban religion past and present and my research during the 1980's and 1990s Many thanks to Colin Marchant, Matthew Porter and Jeremy Acott for all the work that has gone into this.


From 1984 onwards my research and writing has been mainly in the field of sociology of religion, concentrating on religious diversity, community engagement by faith communities and on evangelical Christianity in the UK. Most of my publications excluding some copyrighted material that is still in print are listed and downloadable from my publications page or under unpublished writings  A more complete archive including SOCREL conference presentations is found here
Material from three JRF funded projects undertaken during my time as a research fellow at UEL (1999-2005) is accessible here.


The complete archive of my urban mission writings and my digitised collection of publications of the oganisations and networks with which I have been involved is here.

The archive of ECUM's City Cries Journal which I helped to edit and promote and occassionally wrote for during the 1980 and early 1990s  is available here  and  ECUM Bulletins and some of the subsequent Urban Bulletin are here. Magazines and other publications of Evangelicals for Racial Justice are here.

21st Century Evangelicals

From  March 2011to September 2106  I was working for the Evangelical Alliance as their research manager.

A book based on the project G.Smith - Edited Volume 2015

21st Century Evangelicals

Reflections on Research

Available for less than £10 here

All my published outputs from this project can be found in this Google Drive Folder

while all the data sets and questionnaires etc. are available to researchers at


 UK Data Archive University of Essex

SN 7786 - Twenty-First Century Evangelicals, 2010-2016: Special Licence Access

SN 7787 - Twenty-First Century Evangelicals, 2010-2016

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